Reminiscencing a human being

Today, I met a 'young' old man in bus, who sat right next to me from chalikkara to kutyadi. He asked where I was goin' and all, I said that I was turning eighteen and so decided to go waynad alone to meet my dad's old colleague (also a best friend) and have my birthday lunch with them.

He smiled and looked at me, there was something unusual in his eyes. Then he asked, showing me an ad of Kalyan ...Jewellers (that trust one) and asked what I thought about it. "A catchy one"- replied me. Next question was indeed eerie- "do you love?".

"Not yet"- I lied as usual.

He asked me, pointing at the boy whose image was slightly blurred in the newspaper ad, If I had ever thought about the "trust" that boy kept on that girl..

He harped on about imperialism, Stagnant society, and the way first utilized the second. In a sonorous voice filled with enormous generosity, He talked about love. He told me never to be confined by them who deter doing right!

He said good bye wishing me a successful life and walked away. I didn't even get a chance to ask his name...

#It was a dream. And I know that It won't be something more.